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Opioid Intoxication


Opioid intoxication is a condition which leads to abnormal mental state like unconsciousness or sleepiness. All forms of opioid like heroin, morphine and synthetic opioid narcotics lead to unusual mental condition. In the United States, methadone and opioid are considered as the most common abused opioid

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The main cause of the condition is unknown.

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Signs & Symptoms

The symptoms of the condition depend upon how much opioid is taken. If a person is taking prescription opioid, he will experience sleepiness as its main symptom. Respiratory depression is other common symptom of the condition. In a case of severe Opioid intoxication, a person stops breathing altogether and this result in death of the person.

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There is no known way of preventing the condition.

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Conservative treatment Modern Medicine

One of the best ways of treating the condition is proper airway management. It involves:

  • Providing breathing support so that oxygen levels are maintained properly
  • Tubes are placed into the lungs through the mouth. The particular process is known as endotracheal intubation
  • Medication like naloxone is given as it helps in blocking the effect of overdose of opioid.

In the emergency room, patients are kept for 4-6 hours in the severe cases. In most of the cases, health experts prefer keeping patients under observation for 24-48 hours.

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