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Drug Abuse And Dependence


Drug abuse and dependence are two different terms. Drug abuse can be defined as intense desire to take excessive amount of a particular substance over and over again. Drug dependence is the condition in which a body becomes physically addicted to a particular substance or agent and demands it again and again. Substance can range from alcohol, cocaine, nicotine to many more. It is important to disclose that drug abuse and dependence is not a character defect, it is a disease. In this, substance can be taken through various ways-orally, injected into the veins, inhaled, etc. It is a common problem that can affect the people of any age group.

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Although, the factors of the disease are not fully determined, it is believed that the three factors play crucial role. The three factors are social learning, genetic factors and psychopathology. Many people, in a desire to lead a life of high standard of living, experiments with the drug. And slowly and steadily they become addicted to it. Other factors like stress, pressure to cope with personal or professional life, etc also contributes indirectly in increasing dependence of the drug

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Signs & Symptoms

The symptoms of the disease greatly depend on the drug which a person is administering. However, most of the substances cause similar symptoms like:

  • Change in the behaviour
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Getting agitated or anxious easily
  • Sudden increase or decrease in respiratory rate, pulse rate, blood pressure, etc
  • Abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea
  • Chest pain
  • Taking less interest in social gatherings
  • Prefer living alone

It is important to seek professional assistance immediately as sooner the treatment gets start, easier is to give up addicted substances.

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Drug abuse and dependence can only be prevented if parents keep close watch on the children behaviour and immediately seek medical assistance in the case of unusual behaviour. 

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Detoxification Modern Medicine

Drug abuse and dependence is treated with the sole aim of reducing drug dependence. If a person is violent, then he requires physical restraint in addition to sedating medications. It is necessary to admit such kinds of patients in the hospital. Primarily, health professional prefers the dosage of the drug should be reduced slowly. Due to sudden withdrawal of the drug, a person may experiences certain health problems. Therefore, medications are recommended by health professional in order to cope up with growing heath problems. Those people who are taking the drug in huge amount require hospitalization for detoxification. The process of detoxification should be carried out in detoxification centres under the supervision of health specialist.

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