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Cocaine Withdrawal


The symptoms of cocaine withdrawal occur when a heavily addictive cocaine user cuts down the dose of the cocaine or quits taking the drug.

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Cocaine enters in the body and forces the brain to undergo certain biochemicals which make the person ecstatic. This keeps the person on emotional high but is lethal to other parts of the body in the long run. Once the effect of the drug gets over the brain crashes and strongly commands the person to take more dose of this drug. This situation is also seen when the cocaine withdrawal is done or else quitting of cocaine is done.

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient with cocaine withdrawal may complain of the following symptoms namely:-

  • The patient may become restless and agitated.
  • He/she may experience depressed mood and fatigue.
  • There may be generalized malaise and increased appetite.
  • The patient may also have vivid and unpleasant dreams.
  • There may be slowing of the activity.
  • The depression and thoughts of suicide may come in some patients and these thoughts may stay with the patients for months together.
  • With reduced drug the patient may become extreme suspicious and fearful rather than euphoria and the craving for this drug may remain powerful at the same time.
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The only way to prevent the symptoms is to avoid the addiction of this drug initially. Stop yourself from going to any place or person who is in the business of supplying this drug.

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Antianxiety Therapy Modern Medicine

The patient may risk from suicide or overdose though the symptoms may eventually disappear with time. The patients suffering from cocaine withdrawal are seen to be using alcohol, hypnotics, antianxiety drugs such as diazepam (Valium) and sedatives to cure their symptoms. Though medicine doesn’t allow the use of these drugs as these will shift the addiction from one substance to another. The patient will have to be seen carefully throughout the period of treatment. 

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