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Methods and Ways to Give Up Smoking

Dr. Ankur
Feb. 1, 2011


You might have read about the bad consequences of smoking over the newspapers, Internet and advertisements. Despite of knowing that smoking is injurious to health, people prefer to smoke. Smoking is a kind of addiction which stimulates the human mind to smoke in order to fulfill the desires of inhaling nicotine. Have you ever thought about how to give up smoking? If you are really determined to quit smoking then you must know methods to quit it smooth. There are various techniques and ways available to help you in quitting smoking. However, you can try one of them or all to stop smoking habit.


Initially, here are some simple and common steps of how to give up smoking. These steps are the initial self-determining initiatives to quit smoking.


  1. Primarily, ask yourself the reason to quit smoking. Make some strong and compelling reasons to quit smoking. A willing mind can open gateways for sure.
  2. Once you find the reasons to quit smoking write it down on a paper and always carry it wherever you go.
  3. Whenever you feel like smoking, try to remind yourself by reading those points that you want to stop smoking. Understanding how to give up smoking is really helpful for everyone who wants to live a happy and healthy life.
  4. Just create a quit smoking contract form and fill it up. This contract will be between you and your relatives, family and friends. Once signed on the contract, throw out all your cigarettes at once.
  5. The best idea of how to give up smoking is change your daily routine in order to avoid those specific circumstances when you feel to smoke. Have some chewing gum to lessen the desire of smoking.
  6. Stick posters on your house walls and work written as “No Smoking”. You can add this poster even in your car to get remembered about quitting smoking. These posters will remind you about the process of how to give up smoking.
  7. Now prepare yourself strong enough to avoid smoking. In order to lessen the urge or desires of smoking, you can drink water, have deep breath, delaying, and indulge yourself in other work. Understanding tips of how to give up smoking is the best way to follow the instructions properly.
  8. Make a list having good things that happened since you gave up smoking. This list will inspire you every time to adhere with the instructions of how to give up smoking. Whenever you feel to smoke, take a glance of this list to motivate yourself.
  9. Finally, positive reinforcement is very essential to keep oneself motivated to work hard. Therefore, reward yourself whenever you accomplish your target in order to quit smoking.



There are many other ways of how to give up smoking. You can even go Laser treatment, Hypnosis method, having chemical pills, E-cigarette etc. Choose any one of these to get rid of smoking addiction.

In the laser treatment, the laser brings endorphins chemical in your body that reduces the urge of smoking. Hypnosis is the method of impacting your brain to stop urging about smoking. E-cigarettes are electronic cigarettes that are only substitutes of original cigarettes and help you to quit smoking. Thus, all these methods and ways will surely answer your question how to give up smoking.

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Posted By : Dr. Shalini Kapoor Kad         On :Feb. 7, 2011

Quite a useful piece for all struggling the addiction. Thanks for sharing doctor.

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